Stage Name: YuRi (유리) 
Birth Name: Kwon Yu Ri (권유리) 
Name Meaning: Kind White Jasmine 
Nickname in SNSD: 흑진주 (Black Pearl) 
Other Nicknames: Yul, Kwonyul, Ggab-yul, Kkamchi, Yulkorita, 흑율 (Black Yul), Yuree 
Group Position : 2nd Lead Dancer, Supporting Vocalist 
Languages : Korean (Fluent), English, Chinese (Fluent), Japanese 
DOB: December 5, 1989 
Height: 167cm 
Weight: 45kg 
Blood Type: AB 
School: NeungGok High School, Graduated (2008) 
Casted: 2001 SM 1st Annual Youth Best Contest 
-2005 KM Super Junior Show 'The King's Boyfriend' 
-2006 DBSK's Beautiful Life MV 
-2006 Orion Chocopie Chinese CF w/ Jang Donggun 
-2006 Dongil Highvill CF 
-2007 DBSK's Second Concert guest appearance 
-Hot Choco Mite CF 
-2007 Attack on the Flower Boys Movie 
-2007/2008 MBC Sitcom : Unstoppable Marriage 
Fancafe: Click Here [Yuri Princess] 

Extra Information: 
Favorite Number: 19 
Favorite Song from Girls' Generation: Baby, Baby 
Hobbies: Dancing, Ballet, Piano, Swimming, Violin 
Morning Delight: Likes to grind "Ma" [Korean Yam] and "Arrowfoot" for healthy drinks in the morning 
Roommate: Sunny 
Yuri Fact:

- Does yoga
- Probably the most figure conscious
- 2nd best dancer of SNSD
- Taewoo’s Love Rain is her ringtone
- Favorite movie is “Mother” even though she slept through almost the entire movie
- Jealous-type
- Likes to cook but is bad at it
- Prankster
- Most sought after daughter-in-law on Invincible Youth
- Falls asleep while making kimchi
- Part of G7