Stage Name: Sunny (써니) 
Birth Name: Lee Sun Kyu (이순규) 
Name Meaning: Instubborn Jade(이순규) 
Nickname in SNSD: 활력소 (Energy Pill) 
Other Nicknames: 이써니 (Lee Sunny), 이햇살 (Lee Sun), 돌고래 (Dolphin), 돌핀써니 (Dolphin Sunny), 애교써니 (Cute Sunny), 숭규 (Sun Kyu) 
Group Position: Supporting Vocalist 
Motto: Everyday Sunny Day 
Blood Type: B 
Languages: Korean (Fluent) , English , Chinese (Basic) , Japanese (Basic) 
DOB: May 15, 1989 
Height: 158cm 
Weight: 43kg 
Hobbies: Swimming, Video Games, Sports 
Interests: Music, Fashion, reading magazines, dancing, singing & shopping. 
School: Baehwa All-Girls High School 
Casted: 2007 SM Casting System 
-2008 DJ for Melon's Chunji 
Fancafe: Click Here [Daisy] 

Extra Information: 
Favorite Number: 26 
Ideal Man: Jo Insung 
Favorite Song from Girls' Generation: Ooh! La-La. 
Roommate: Yuri 

Sunny Fact:

-Can catch chickens when other idols couldn’t
- Not easily scared of ghost stories and the supernaturals
- Hates her real name (Lee Soonkyu)
- Last addition to the SNSD rosters
- Boom’s favorite Soshi
- Best babysitter
- G7′s strongest
- Niece of SM Entertainment’s chairman
- Scared of Fireworks
- Was dubbed as the ‘secret trainee’
- Sometimes mistaken as the Maknae (according to Seohyun)
- Has one expression per word on Him Nae
- Does UFO sounds while sleeping (according to Taeyeon)
- One of the top 5 singer of SNSD
- One of the top 5 dancer of SNSD
- Loves to play video games on her Nintendo DS